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5 Tips to Make Your Horse Stand

No matter what your choice of activities with your horse is, standing is probably the most universally important skills a horse can be taught. Yet, many people suffer from the idea that their horse isnít patient enough or is too high strung to stand. The fact of the matter is, any horse can be taught to stand. You must first understand and believe that, then youíll be ready to teach your horse to stand. Once your horse learns this skill, teaching the horse every skill there after will become much easier. I see teaching a horse to stand as the most fundamental building block of a horseís training, much like training a dog to sit before teaching it tricks. Teaching a horse to stand develops the horseís submission and compliance, while allowing the equestrian to take their role as the leader in the relationship. When you're teaching your horse to stand, follow these tips for your best chance at success.  >>Read More

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