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Collar Types
- Breast
- Most common breast collar harness applications:
- Shaped
- French
- Full
- Freestyle

From the Fall/Winter 2006 Newsletter 

Breast collar harness is available for just about any harness you may need. The term "breast collar harness" refers simply to the type of collar that is used to draw the carriage. It is use for single, pair, tandem, and four-in-hand driving, as well as for several other configurations. 

The breast collar is made of a wide strap of leather often padded or folded over. This strap is hung across the horse's breast and around the shoulders supported by two neck straps. The main supporting neck strap should be padded, although often times is not. When a pair is harnessed in breast collars they should be put to a carriage with a suspended pole. In the rare occasion that they are used with a drop pole they pole must have a neck yolk. A special collar pad for bearing weight should be placed under the neck strap. 

Breast collar harness is probably the most popular style in modern carriage driving. There are several reasons for this:

Price  The most common denominator is usually the dollar.  Breast collar harness can cost $100-$1,000 less than it's full collar counter part.
Versatility  Unlike a full collar, a breast collar will fit most horses with in a given size range. Breast collars are also acceptable to use on almost all except the most formal or very heavy vehicles.
Weight & Size  A breast collar is usually lighter and smaller than the full collar. This makes harnessing and un-harnessing easier, especially on large horses.

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Most common breast collar harness applications:

Single horses put to:

  • Meadowbrooks
  • Road Carts
  • Dog Carts (two and four wheeled) 
  • Gigs (not as formal as a full collar)
  • Phaetons (not as formal as a full collar)

Pairs or Four-in-hands put to

  • Marathon vehicles 
  • Waggonettes 
  • Light or informal B

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The French Collar is as comfortable as a full collar, which offers a good bearing surface, and is as adjustable as a breast collar. Sold as Euro Collar, Hungarian Collar and Mara thon Collar by other retailers.

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The Freestyle Collar has a deep V front for horses with a low neck/chest connection. Has been seen called Deep V Collar and Empathy Collar by other retailers.

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